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Fit spec / Quality control

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Company Features:
1. Excellent working environment
2. Health care benefits
3. Opportunity for advancement


Main Duties: 
1. Participate in fit sessions, forward fit comments to overseas makers for sample making, follow up until approval for production, making sure that delivery dates are respected. Notify sales team of delays or problems with sampling or production.
2. Send samples to customers for approval prior to production.  
3. Ensure quality control for production, trouble shoot
4. Maintain files for each style from pre production to production, make not of any fit or QC issues to prevent problems from happening in repeat orders.


1. MUST have a minimum of 3-5 years experience performing fit and quality control testing on men’s and women’s clothing.
2. Must be able to multitask and work under pressure, must be able to handle multiple styles.
3. Must have a background in garment construction and patternmaking (manual), must be organized have strong computer skills.

4. Must have experience using Mac computers, grading, illustrator, photoshop, excel,word.