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Retail Pet food and Accessories Ass’t Manager

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** You must love Animals **

Assistant managers have a lot of responsibility, and this job requires great leadership skills.

You’ll need to keep a level head, be able to multitask and have excellent people skills.

Leadership: You will have several people you need to supervise in addition to handling general complaints, last-minute schedule changes, pet food spills, mess-ups and inventory problems.

You are a leader and should represent their company and themselves well by acting as a role model to the people reporting to them.

There will be a million and one things going on as an assistant manager and everyone will assume that you have it all worked out for them. You should be able to stay focused during busy times and delegate tasks to employees to keep business running smoothly.

Responsible for recruiting and interviewing quality people to staff your the Wicker Hill location, as well as making sure these new employees transition as smoothly as possibly into their jobs.

You should be a good teacher who tries to help employees who are having difficulty picking up new skills.

Being friendly and outgoing: People skills and customer service are a must in this job.

Not only will you interact with your employees every day, but you will also need to assist customers when they have questions, concerns or complaints.

Put on a happy face and address these issues in a professional manner.

This is not a position where you can sit back, forget about the people around you and do your own thing.

Your job is to be attentive to your employees by motivating them to succeed and improve. Even if business is slow, keep your staff in high spirits and be as helpful as possible to customers and clients.