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Fit & Spec (Fitting & Specifications) technician

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Are you tired of working overtime because of your company’s inability to structure themselves properly?  Do you feel used when they tell you your job is 37.5 or 40 hours a week and you find yourself working 50+ hours and are not compensated for it?  Does your employer share the same values you do?  Are you scared of what your employer thinks when you take a day off?  Well maybe it’s time to change that.  How about making a New Year’s resolution and make a job change for the better?

We are currently representing a well structured, respectful and mostly built on strong family values vertically integrated Retailer.  This company is looking for a Fit & Specification Technician to join their technical department.  You will be joining a very stable team and this opportunity was created by growth, not turnover.

You will have the possibility of working flex hours at your discretion as long as you do 37.5 hours/week.  In peak seasons you may have to work a little more hours but you will have the chance of accumulating those hours to take at another time in the season when you feel you need a break.  You will have access to a complete benefits plan including insurance and sick days.  If you drive you will have the chance to park in a paid parking lot if not this company is easily accessible by public transport.

We are looking for a self motivated individual that is adaptable to the different commodities this company manufactures.  It’s essential that you have a minimum of 2 years of fit & spec experience and that you speak French and write perfect English.
You will need a good understanding of Garment construction and an intermediate experience on Excel. Having Photoshop is an asset but not a necessity

This opportunity doesn’t come often to join this type of employer, if you’re ready to make a change and start living get in touch with us and I’ll be happy to discuss your experience.