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Account Manager

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The Account Manager will be the primary client interface with Key Accounts.

The purpose of this role is to develop long-term profitable client relationships through regular and effective communication ensuring those clients drive maximum value and insight from our solutions; with a remit to identify new business opportunities to drive additional revenue from designated client accounts.
Also building strong commercial links with company colleagues with the aim of maximizing profitable sales across the business portfolio of products and services. Exceptional customer service and project management skills drive the business’ service level competences and ensure seamless delivery of business solutions to end-users. Strong analytical skills and the ability to anticipate resolve challenges in a variety of corporate environments.
Inspire confidence, and lead projects with ingenuity, resourcefulness, and professionalism.
Every project is different, but they all require solid skills in project planning, client management, and problem solving. There is no one to which issues will be escalated. The Account Manager is the one with the answers.
Successful Account Managers will come from a business background in either consumer goods, market research, project management, or logistics.
Someone who understands our industry, and who can offer extreme levels of customer service is key.

You’ll be:
 Acting as a subject matter expert and providing advice on our better design, better execution and better impact strategy.
 Directly manage allocated client accounts 
 Arrange and host regular client meetings with key business drivers.
 Identify new opportunities for business growth that also achieve the client’s objectives. 
 Understand the client business, market needs and competitive environment and add value and insight to strengthen the
 Work proactively with Project Managers to ensure projects are delivered to the correct specification and quality, and on time. 
 Ensure a high level of service delivery and communication to all clients. 
 Where technical, resource or cost limitations prevent implementation of our standard processes use creative problem solving
to overcome the challenges to the satisfaction of both parties. 
 Prevent competitor entry or remove competitor presence. 
 Manage client expectations and communicate requirements and timelines internally. 
 Marshall resource to maximum efficiency to meet client demands. 
 Maintain and grow visibility within all levels of the client business. 
 Tailor tender proposals and presentations to individual clients and deliver. 
 Target agreement to and negotiate the content of client contract renewals including Service Level Agreements (SLA) where
 Continually ensure consistency in quality of all deliverables to meet the client SLA 
 Purchase Order, Invoicing and payment client side management 
 Any tasks deemed necessary within your experience that add value to your clients or team

We have a unique organizational culture that allows for a lot of flexibility, but is still quite demanding.
We expect that you:
 Have a space to work where you can close a door and be completely free of distraction. You cannot work in an “open”
environment where other people can walk by or come into your work space.
 Your work environment must be free of personal distraction including family members and pets.
 You must have high speed internet, and work with at least 1-2 very large monitors.
 You must be available to answer email with 1-2-hour turnaround time during business hours (we expect even faster!).
 You must check your email and voice messages every evening. You cannot “turn off” at 5PM.
 We work across Canada and have clients across all Canadian Time Zones. You must be available to support them when they
 You must always “stay connected” via smartphone if you are mobile. Including on weekends. We expect that you check email
and phone messages at least three times per day (morning/afternoon/evening) on weekends as well.
 You must respect your commitments. When you have a meeting, arrive early. If something comes up, be cordial and
apologetic and re-schedule at a time that is convenient for those who were inconvenienced.
 Play “above the line” (ownership/accountability/responsibility vs. blame/excuses/denial).
 Be empathetic. Put yourself in the shoes of your listener.
 Work with integrity. Do what you say and say what you mean.
 Communicate when you have ideas or constructive criticism. Face problems to avoid them becoming greater.
 Be positive. To every problem there is a solution.
 Be resourceful! Work unsupported and find your own way to answer questions, rather than creating work for a colleague. Be
the Tylenol, not the headache.
 Aim high. “So so” or adequate is not good enough. In fact either is good. Great is good enough!
Hard Skills
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
 Fluent in English, and mostly fluent in French.
 Must be a power user of the following Office applications: Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
 Have a background in market research, customer experience, consumer good, experiential marketing or mystery shopping.
 Knowledge and experience with Slack, GoToMeeting, Trello, Smartsheet and Shopmetrics are all strong assets.
 Have experience working in Operations and/or Project Management, Logistics, or Account Management.
 Be a technophile/technology “geek” to be able to understand and create work tools, reports, and surveys.
 Have experience with management leadership.

Soft Skills
 Must be a team player.
 Must be upbeat, friendly, and outgoing (this should be apparent in both verbal and written communication).
 Must have incredible attention to detail. “Almost perfect” is not good enough.
 Must be able to work autonomously and be self-motivated.
 Must have good decision-making abilities.
 Must be a good time manager and be organized.
 Must enjoy working from home, independently.
 Must be available to work seven days a week.
 Must be prepared to take full accountability for the work. The job must get done, no matter what.
 Must be able to manage stress well, and work with tight deadlines.
If you are self-motivated, work well under pressure, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may love this work. You will be able to
contribute to the growth of Premier Service in many ways; ideas will be encouraged. You will also benefit directly from our growth. If
you enjoy strict regimen, structure, in-person interaction at work, and cannot work under stress, then you will likely not be happy in this
role, so be honest with yourself.
We are dynamic, forward-thinking, open-minded perfectionists, and welcome a similar Leader to our team.