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Real Estate Administrative and Accounting Assistant

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General Overview:
Responsible for administrative support to Office Manager as it relates to personal, operating or investment entities (holding companies and personal)
Real Estate:
Track tax information for each investment T5013’s
Maintain files for every investment/property
Assist in preparation of monthly tax installments both corporate and personal
Assist with data management – scanning of documents, maintaining files etc
Assist with deposit preparation, check preparation
Assist with timely payment of all invoices, installments, taxes due, condo fees, and personal bills where applicable
Health insurance claim preparation, Cost Plus claims
Assist with tracking and claiming of Expenses
Assist with the collection of necessary documentation for personal income tax filing
Complete all compliance documentation required by Banks, investment companies
Assist with applications for tax IDs, insurance, and any other information required
Assist with external communication as needed
Honest, Loyal, Discreet
Hard-working, Resourceful
Assist Office Manager to ensure the best outcome for all individuals & holding companies in any way possible – financially and personally